Saturday, 7 September 2013

Visit to the farm

We've been up at Leedale Farm again today to spend some time with Ruby. Yes, it has finally been decided. She will be called Ruby. I mentioned it to Gillian (the breeder) who thought it suited her very well. Furthermore, she worked back down the family line in her head and told me that our puppy's great, great grandmother was called Ruby. That clinched it.

We were up at the farm for a good 2 hours; most of it in the barn with the pack of dogs and all the pups. Ruby was quite playful and although most of the time she was in and amongst the other dogs having a good time, she also had some 'me' time with a bit of rope. This is her hiding away in a box happily chewing on the rope.

Gillian has booked Ruby in with her vet on Tuesday 10th September where she will have a good health check. She will also be wormed and microchipped. We have agreed to collect her on Saturday 14th in the morning. So there it is. All arranged. 

Gillian makes sure to mix up the food types with her puppies so they don't get accustomed to one particular type and risk an upset stomach if they suddenly change. However, she will give us some of the puppy food to get started. She will also have a pack ready for us, no doubt containing the pedigree paperwork, microchip information and other bits and pieces. I'm really pleased we found Gillian's advert as you couldn't wish for a nicer person and more dedicated dog lover. Her knowledge of Border Collies is amazing and before we left today she took us onto the farm with Zena, one of her BCs where we spent some time playing frisbee. Zena was brilliant. She would jump the fence into the field, get the frisbee and jump back over, dropping it at the feet of a different person each time. It was obvious that Zena was calling the shots as far as who she wanted to throw the frisbee. After 15 minutes or so, Gillian just said "that'll do" and the game was over.

It's good to know that Gillian is always available for advice and will welcome visits from us/Ruby if we want guidance or just want to let Ruby run around with her pack. She also provides holiday accommodation for the collies she has bred and told us she would be extremely disappointed if we left her with anyone else. Not that we would even THINK of leaving Ruby with anyone else. No other doggie accommodation could come close to the experience she would have staying with Gillian on the farm.