Monday, 30 September 2013

Turning the corner

At last, the poop situation seems to be improving. At least in terms of the diarrhoea clearing up. The probiotic paste that the vet prescribed yesterday is having an immediate effect and feeding Ruby half as much, twice as often is also helping.

She did poop in her crate in the early hours but at least it wasn't too runny. Sadly, she decided to cake it over her fur so after cleaning and disinfecting everything, there was no option but to give the little girl a bath.

Why did you dip me in water?

No, really. WHY did you
dip me in water?

After tearing around the living room, shaking excess water from her fur, I managed to settle her down in a nice big towel where she dozed off. She was soon dry and I gave her a good brushing. She is now nice and clean and is full of beans.

We also took Ruby to the vet for her scheduled appointment, but as expected, the vet decided to delay the vaccination for a couple of days. Now that her stomach is settling down, it would be unwise to chuck more things into her system. So we are going back Wednesday and providing she is still ok, we will get her second jab.

Thinking ahead, my Volvo S40 saloon is not going to be the most practical car for taking Ruby on trips to cool places. We were thinking of changing cars anyway so it made sense to look for an estate. It gives us more options and means we can get a travel crate for the back. With that in mind, meet the new family transporter..

Passat 2.0 TD Highline. Just got to get the
travel crate now.
We're planning on picking it up on Saturday and by the time I'm used to it (it has an electric handbrake, operated with a button on the might take a while), Ruby will be big enough to take further afield. And by next summer we can be looking at getting away to the beach, hills and other fun places for the dog. We are also looking at visiting relatives in Ireland. They have a farm so Ruby will love it.