Thursday, 26 September 2013

Stir Crazy

It is still over two weeks before we can start to take Ruby out for proper walks. She has her second injection on Monday and the Vet has said we need to wait a further 2 weeks until she can socialise with other dogs. I feel a bit stir crazy as I would love to go for a proper walk instead of just wandering out into the back garden. If I feel like this, Ruby must be desperate to get properly out and about.

I KNOW it's dark but I don't want
to go inside yet

She is behaving really well though. She does have her moments when she goes all puppy crazy but if I'm honest I expected to have much more of the mad stuff than she has so far displayed. Generally, she will follow us about faithfully and appreciate being close to us. 

What a massively different experience from having a pet cat. We used to have a lovely cat (Clyde) who was a real personality. But even with all his charm and intelligence, he was still a cat. A cat who did things because it suited HIM. Ruby on the other hand is usually desperate to please US. 

Actually, the first thing I noticed that made me realise dog ownership was completely different to cat ownership was the eyes. Ruby's eyes are almost human. You can see the intelligence behind them. She looks at you and you can tell she is really thinking. Cats on the other hand have eyes more like reptiles. The look they give you gives the impression that they are thinking "If I suddenly grew to 10 times my current size, you would be my prey and I would toy with you before eating you".

So, for now, it is back to the regular trips into the garden to let Ruby have some fresh air and to do her 'business'. And of course continuing with the basic training; reinforcing 'sit', 'lie down' and soon to widen the training to include 'stay' and 'come'.

I suppose we will look back on these times with a certain nostalgia but I really do want to be able to get out and about. And I'm CERTAIN that Ruby does too.