Thursday, 12 September 2013

Why the Blog?

Following on from yesterday's post, I've spent the evening messing about with the design of the blog and reading up on ways to link in with 'like-minded' bloggers. It's not that I mind whether or not others choose to read what I put on here. In fact the main reason for me starting this blog is to keep a journal of the 'little things'. The decisions and day to day thoughts and feelings of our family as we get used to having a Border Collie in our 'pack'. So essentially it is for our own consumption. Something to look back on in years to come. A way to remember what would otherwise be swallowed up in the bigger, bolder events in life.

So in a nutshell, it's a selfish decision. Something for my benefit and the benefit of those directly involved in the life of Ruby. But for all that, by putting it in the public arena, one never knows who might drop by. I'm not and never will profess to be an authority on Border Collies. Having said that, I will blog what I think and what I see and what I learn. If you find it of any use, I would consider it a Brucey bonus (English joke). 

As you might have already gathered, I have very little to say today. We are all just waiting for Saturday to come (only 2 sleeps to go). Once again, I am going to the archive for a picture. This one is of Ruby taken when we visited the farm on 7th September 2013...

You've got to admit, she's a little cutey.