Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Puppy's new home

T minus eleven days and counting. We are now planning on bringing the puppy home on Saturday 14th September 2013. Not that I'm superstitious but why take the chance I say. So Friday 13th is out.

The planning is progressing well. A list of what we need as basics is being made. So far this includes Feeding bowls, collar/lead, grooming products, toys (lots), poop bags/scooper, enzyme cleaner and more toys. 

After much reading and research we have decided that crating is the way forward. We have gone for the 30 inch wire crate with a divider. At the moment we haven't really decided on whether to use the divider. 

Opinions seem mixed with one side feeling that a snug space deters them going to the toilet in their crate as they don't like to go in their sleeping area. On the other hand, if the dog is caught short, a bit more room will allow for a space to soil away from the bedding. Personally I have reservations about anything that encourages the dog to use its crate as a toilet and would prefer accidents to happen rather than teaching her that the crate is also a handy toilet. Some thinking to be done here.

By way of preparation I am reading "Understanding the Border Collie" by Carol Price. I'm finding it very useful in terms of getting to grips with what goes on "underneath". The book is easy to read and has loads of great information (at least I THINK it's great information - no doubt I will find out in the fullness of time).

As our dog will not be a 'working dog' I realise that she will need jobs to do. Again, this is something I am giving loads of thought to. I have ordered another book called "101 dog tricks". It was recommended as a source of both training tips and more creative 'tricks' to give your BC the mental stimulation and purpose in life that it needs.

So in short, I'm expecting to end up with a dog that will regularly be saving kids from mine-workings and deep wells while simultaneously fetching me a beer from the fridge and juggling a beach ball on its nose ;)