Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Steep learning curve

To start with I thought another picture of the little gal would be good. This was also taken on Sunday 1st September in the barn at Leedale Farm. All the dogs were there, including the puppies. But little no-name decided to take a nap.

We are all going out to get some of the essential supplies this weekend although some of the more regulation products might be cheaper online. I also need to ask the breeder what food she uses as I will have to get a supply and if I decide to change to something else, I need to gradually mix it in so as not to cause any upset stomachs. 

We haven't settled on a name yet and although 'Lola' was the favourite for a while, I think 'Pepper' has overtaken it as the front runner.

I can't believe how many friends and colleagues are dog owners. It's amazing the number of people that have come up to me offering advice based on their own experiences. It's a bit like joining a secret society. I'm now 'one of them'. My parents are both excited as well. They will be visiting regularly when there is nobody home so that puppy has company throughout the day and is given the space and time to go to the toilet and run around.

I'm still getting confused by all the contradictory advice though. One minute I'm reading that frisbee and ball chasing is great exercise and should be encouraged (once the dog is old enough) - Next I'm being told that chasing should not be encouraged except as a 'special treat' as it will be more difficult to curb her herding/chasing instinct if she is always running after things. At the moment I'm of the opinion that the frisbee/tennis ball route is a good one. We have land behind our house and parks close by so I want to make sure that she gets chance to get a 'pant on'. Jogging/running is not my thing although I suppose a bicycle might be an option. It just seems that a good walk followed by a session of fetch/catch would be an excellent way to satisfy her energetic needs.

Until we decided to go down the route of dog ownership, I naively thought that you got a dog, walked it, fed it, played with it and "bob's your uncle". To be honest thought, that would be a bit boring and I know for a fact that a BC will not allow for such a mundane, routine existence.