Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Settling in

Last night was much better than Sunday night. I had decided to modify my plan of having a puppy training pad on her crate floor by the side of her bed. Instead I bought a plastic cat litter tray and lined it with one of the training pads. This seemed to work very well. We were woken at around 1.30am by Ruby whimpering. So I went downstairs to find she had done her 'business' on the pad, in the tray. This time however, she had not stood in the poop and it was nicely contained. So I just folded up the pad, tied it into a nappy sack and the job was done. I then took Ruby outside and she immediately did a huge poop. She had clearly held in as much as she could and was telling us she needed to go out. 

After tucking her back in her bed, I turned out the light and went back to bed. She cried for a little while but soon stopped. All was silent until 6:00 when she had again done a poop. 

It's hard to believe something so small can contain so much doggy doo-doo. 

Anyway, we've now kind of got the hang of it between us. She will only whine if she needs the toilet and although she does whimper a little after putting her back to bed, she soon quietens down and goes to sleep.

Oh and while I'm on the subject of her crate, I put the proper doggy bed back in there (covered by a blanket to protect against a poop onslaught). She loves the bed and immediately tried it out. Unfortunately she hasn't got the hang of balancing yet so after leaning out of it to have a drink of water, she leaned back to get back in the bed and toppled on to her back. She must have been tired because she just laid there. Well either she was too tired/lazy or she was embarrassed and tried to make it look as though she had done it deliberately. 

This is how she ended up...

cute sleep time

Today was my first day back at work since getting Ruby. I don't know about the dog getting separation anxiety. I was getting flipping separation anxiety. Rhianna was at home all day and did a great job (although at one point I think Ruby tried to take over and was attempting to herd her).

She had not done much in the way of a poop this morning (Ruby, not Rhianna) so I was waiting with bated breath for a text or call to say the deed was done.

It eventually came around lunch time. Soooo happy. I NEVER thought I would see the day that a message telling me my dog had done a 'number 2' would make my morning.