Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Back to square one

After five days of medication to clear up Ruby's diarrhoea, she reverted back to runny poop this morning. The only thing I can think it would be is the food we are giving her. She finished the last of the food from the breeder yesterday and we changed her on to Iams dry puppy food. So fingers crossed, it is only a blip and once she gets used to the different food, she will be fine again.

The upset tummy is not affecting her behaviour. She has been lively and pretty well behaved all day. I have done some training with her, mainly the 'heel' command. She did quite well and managed to stick close to my leg (usually with the promise of a treat). I'll keep working on it and I'm sure she will get good at it before long.

She seems to be getting better at responding to 'lie down' and mostly does it for me without any bribery. So things are progressing quite well overall.

We had a big play session this evening and I discovered she particularly liked chasing a plastic coca cola bottle with the cap screwed on and a couple of treats rattling inside. She tired herself out chasing it and had some great fun. She also likes ragging around her teddy toy (growling at it as she does so).

I think I've killed it

Ruby is also responding really well to crate training and will go behind her door without any protest. We vary the length of time she's in there and sometimes leave the room, sometimes stay. This means she is getting settled as she realises we will come back to her, even if it may be a while. We still have to physically put her in the crate as she doesn't go in on command yet, but I'm sure that will come with time. She appears happy to sleep in there and is generally sleeping right through the night without waking up (although that may change given her diarrhoea has come back).

After a hectic day for Ruby, she is one tired dog.