Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More puppy poop

My fears over Ruby going back to pooping in her crate came true last night. The poor thing has diarrhoea back and once again struggles to hold it in. She was up at 12.30am and again at 5.30am having 'soiled' her crate. Sarah was very good and got up at 12.30am without waking me. When Ruby again woke us at 5.30 we both went downstairs and sorted her out. This time however, I stayed downstairs with the dog while Sarah went back to bed and got another hour of sleep. 

I dozed off on the sofa and came round at 6.30am with Ruby crawling up my chest and licking my ear. I suppose there are worse ways to be dragged out of the land of nod.

I was talking to some colleagues at work who have more experience in owning puppies and both told me that the change of food is almost certainly the culprit and her tummy should settle down relatively quickly. 

I hope so!

One of my colleagues (Sarah) had been having some issues with her dog jumping up and nipping/barking so I had told her about the success I had had with Ruby, by standing, staring at her and walking slowly at her to invade her space. It seems to have worked for Sarah as well, so that's good news. 

After leaving work a little early (feeling a bit under the weather), I got home at around 4pm and greeted Ruby. She seemed sleepy and laid on my feet, so I closed my eyes and nodded off. I came to around 30 minutes later to find Ruby sitting by the back door next to a pile (or should I say 'splat') of poop. The poor girl had gone and waited to be let out but I had not noticed. I take full responsibility although it was more than enough punishment to have to clean up the mess.

Just another day in puppy paradise...

My daughter Rhianna took a lovely picture of Ruby laid in our garden (as she often does), clearly not wanting to go back in the house.

PLEASE don't make me go back inside

According to a friend, this is the look you get when slippers have been chewed, the table has been damaged, or a bottle of red wine has been *cough* accidentally *cough* knocked over onto the lovely cream carpet.

She does look very very sorry though.