Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Morning After

The first thing I need to say is that the day Ruby came home with us was a bit strange. And not just because we found ourselves with a little puppy wandering around our house. Half the family were out at parties and 'dad's taxi service' was not only open for business but doing a roaring trade.

So if it wasn't challenging enough trying to settle Ruby into her new bed, I found myself picking my son and his extremely drunken friend up from a teenage party. Not a problem until 'said' friend noisily vomited all over the back seat of my car. I did try telling him that it was neither big nor clever to drink excessively; but for some reason he didn't appear to be listening to me.

After getting back home at around 12:30am, Ruby was still lively and playing with my daughter. I took over and stayed up until Sarah got home from her friend's 40th birthday bash around an hour later. By 2:00am we were tucked up in bed and Ruby was fast asleep in her crate. 

We heard nothing more until 6:30am when we heard her whining. I went downstairs and found her wide awake with a sloppy poo in her crate. It was clear she had done it on the puppy training pad but in her eagerness to let us know about it, she must have trod in it and spread it on her blanket and on my T shirt (I had put a used T shirt with its distinctive Stevie smell in the crate to remind her of her daddy). Quite why anyone or anything would take comfort from being in an enclosed space with one of my sweaty tops is beyond me, but hey...that's what the book says.

The clean up was no problem. Puppy training pad folded up, wrapped in a bag and into the outside wheelie bin, T shirt and blanket in the wash and a couple of pieces of kitchen roll and some neutralising spray, and Bob was your uncle.

The rest of the morning was spent playing........and playing........and playing. Oh and some more playing. Ruby was great fun and apart from having the odd 5 minute power nap, she kept going all morning. The flip side of this is that the afternoon pretty much involved her sleeping. This is a picture of her getting physical with her rope chew toy. She had a great time ragging it around and biting it...

Toilet training continues to go quite well. Certainly the poo situation has not been as bad as it could've been. She has held it pretty well and all day has managed to wait until outside. She's had a couple of accidents bladder wise but I put that down to a combination of excitement and tiny bladder rather than her not realising that outside is the place to do her business.

Just before going to press, I took her out after she had woken from a long sleep. It was dark, windy and there was rain in the air. It was also quite cold. Ruby seemed reluctant and although she sat in the garden (possibly doing a wee) she showed no interest in doing anything else. I brought her in and after popping upstairs to write this blog entry, Sarah shouted up to me that Ruby had gone straight to the conservatory door and dropped a stinky parcel on the doormat.

Oh well, no big deal. I'm probably as much to blame as I didn't exactly give her loads of time outside as it was cold and wet. And to be fair, she DID go to the back door, so she clearly knows that she needs to do it outside. Anyway, she has been with us less that 2 days so I think she is doing great.