Saturday, 12 October 2013


We decided to take Ruby around the block for a walk this afternoon. The vet had told us that 'unofficially' she can go out as from Wednesday as long as she is not taken somewhere that loads of dogs congregate. We waited a little longer to be sure as 'officially' she isn't supposed to go out into the world until next Wednesday.

Anyhoo, out we went. Ruby on her normal lead (rather than the extendable thing), a pocket full of treats in case distraction was needed, waterproof coats, and fingers crossed. 

What the Deuce?
To begin with, Ruby was managing a few steps at a time before stopping to sniff and explore pretty much anything and everything. A big bird of some description flew over us and Ruby stopped to watch in fascination.

Slow progress was made getting to the end of the street. Then a car drove by. It freaked Ruby out a little and she tried to run away, then she turned around and made as if to run after the car (presumably she thought it needed to be rounded up).

Getting friendly with Buddha
She remained quite spooked by the cars but I kept trying to take her mind off them. Every time one approached I talked to her and distracted her with the offer of a treat. It was working quite well and she settled down a fair bit. She still flinched when a 4x4 or diesel with a loud engine went by but she wasn't too bad. When we got to my parents house we stood talking to my dad and Ruby positioned herself next to the car on the drive, watching all the other cars driving by. She seemed interested but not frightened (as the picture above shows).

As we were on our way back home, we went past a bloke walking his dog (on the opposite side of the street). Ruby paid attention and her ears pricked up. But she didn't make any attempt to go towards the other dog and didn't bark or growl. When we got to the end of our drive, Ruby picked up speed and ran to the front door. She seemed relieved to be home. It must have been a lot to take in but she did pretty well for her first time.
Let me in's wet out here.

Apart from the walk, Ruby has spent a lot of time in the garden today. She continues to love chewing things; bark chips, twigs and bamboo shoots to name but a few. She also noticed our Buddha and decided to take a closer look.

She enjoys rooting around in the garden, digging here and there and generally getting down and dirty with the soil. 

So day one of the introduction to the big wide world has been completed. From now on, the real fun starts. Meeting other people, dogs, cats, children, cars etc...etc.... And short trips to the garden to go to the toilet and have a little play will no longer 'cut it'.