Monday, 14 October 2013

OMG. A kid in a buggy.

Up at 6:30am to find Sarah had already beat me to it. She had heard Ruby whimper at around 6:15 and had got up to take her out. Just in time as she did a large poop in the garden. At least she held it in.

I promptly took over dog-sitting duty and Sarah went back to bed. Ruby obliged by going to sleep and stayed asleep for a couple of hours. I sat and watched the Japanese F1 GP in peace. Sebastian Vettel won (again). 5th one in a row for him and in touching distance of the title. Lewis Hamilton got a puncture going into the first corner of the first lap and eventually retired from the race on the ninth lap. Ruby noticed NONE of this.

Stop with the photos. I'm
Later in the day we took her out for another walk. Same route as yesterday. Down the estate to my parents. A chat on the doorstep and then up the path and around the estate. 15 minutes non-stop would do it. However, Ruby is so interested in just about every bush, lamp-post, patch of grass, driveway, car (parked), car (driving by), bird, pedestrian, leaf, piece of paper, drain...etc...that the 15 minute walk takes around an hour.

She does enjoy the walk though. On this occasion, we passed a family with young children, one of whom was in a buggy/push-chair. Ruby saw them coming and looked freaked out; like she does with cars going by. So we stopped and waited. The family were really nice and stopped to pet Ruby, allowing her to sniff the buggy. I think it was just that she had never seen one before. Something that, to us, seems so normal and 'unthreatening' was pretty unnerving for Ruby. She quickly got over it though.

After arriving back home, Ruby was pretty tired (as the photos show) so she crashed out on the floor in the living room for a while.

A few bursts of energy and she settled until around 11:00pm. Everyone else had gone to bed and I had stayed up to make sure that Ruby got a toilet trip before bed. Unfortunately, she woke up and almost immediately crouched in the living room, spraying poop on the carpet and wall. I ushered her into the conservatory and before I could even grab her lead, she had let loose her bowels all over the floor. Just to rub salt in the wound, she finished the poop, moved a couple of feet under the table and peed a huge puddle. So it was out with the kitchen towel, carrier bag, scooper and cleaner. 15 minutes later all was clean so I took Ruby outside into the cold, rainy night to see if she needed to make another deposit. However, nothing was forthcoming. She soon fell asleep again so I tucked her in her crate, switched off the TV and lights and dragged myself upstairs to write the blog before bed.

Monday tomorrow, and my mum is coming round at about 11am until 1pm. She will stay until my mother-in-law arrives. Ruby should have plenty of company. I just hope she behaves and that the 'accident' tonight is not a sign of things to come. Not least because her poop looked quite runny again. It would be bordering on soul destroying if, after all the trouble with diarrhoea, she has again gone back to having runny poop. As if toilet training a puppy isn't challenging enough!