Thursday, 24 October 2013


As I've said in a previous post, Ruby is no bother on the lead when off the beaten track. However, when on the roadside, she will pull until she is choking. Although it is something I'm working on, I'm not happy that she is half strangling herself. So I thought I would try a harness.
What IS this thing you are
making me wear?

I got the small size as I thought the X-Small would be obsolete very soon. However, it is a little on the large side for her. Nothing too drastic but there is a bit of slack.

We started on our walk and the harness was excellent. It checked her pulling just fine and the walk along the roadside was much less of a tug-of-war.

I decided to pay a visit to my parents and as I was in the house talking to the old man, my mother was in the garden looking after Ruby. After 5 minutes my mother informed me that Ruby had rolled on her back and slipped out of the harness. Hmmmm. She sussed that out a bit easily. I'm hoping it's because it is a bit big rather than a design that Ruby can 'Houdini' out of at will.

The rest of the walk went fine; although as I went through the gate to the field behind our house, Ruby turned to face me and pulled away, almost slipping out of the harness again. It looks like it's back to the collar until she grows a little more.

Your pesky contraption won't hold
me....mwah hahah
Once we arrived back home, I left the harness on to see if she got used to it. Maybe if she felt comfortable with it on, she would be less inclined to try to get out of it.

She seemed happy enough, laying at my feet, merrily chewing one of her toys. I quickly checked my Twitter and Facebook on my phone while she was calm. After a few minutes I looked down at her to see a contented puppy calmly chewing on the harness she had removed from her body. How did she even do that? Oh right! Border Collies are clever. It also appears that they are escape artists.