Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Getting down and dirty

So, over the last couple of days, I've been taking Ruby a little bit further than last week on her walks. Not too far as I don't want to overdo it. But just walking on the footpath around the estate is a little boring to say the least.

We've started going up to the top of the estate and on to a small dirt track that runs along the back of the estate. We can then get on to the field behind our house and walk down through the grass to the house.

After a splash in the puddles
Ruby is pretty impressed with the new route. It's also much easier to walk her away from traffic. It seems she only strains at the lead when on the roadside. She is determined to push ahead and won't stop for anything. Then when a car approaches she gets down low, waits until it passes, then makes as if to chase it. I take her mind off the car and she again shoots off, pulling at the extent of her lead. As much as I try to get her to 'heel', she will strain until she is choking herself.

As soon as we are on a path away from the roadside, she calms right down and trots merrily along. I need to get her used to traffic and roads and as such, I am not going to avoid walking her around the street. However, it's not much fun at the moment as it turns into a tug of war. 

We are starting obedience classes next Wednesday so I'm hopeful that the trainer there will get to work and give me some good advice/techniques for focusing Ruby away from the traffic and on to taking notice of me.

When we get up onto the dirt track, Ruby has been loving the puddles. She marches right through them and seems to love getting wet and muddy. Everybody we meet has loved Ruby so far. Other dog owners comment on how cute she is. Ruby obliges by being a little star around other dogs. She tends to roll over and show them her belly, then have a good sniff, making sure she keeps low to the ground.

Two lads rode up behind us on their motorbikes today and when I moved to the side and held Ruby, one of them commented "nice dog mate" as he rode past. 

Last week, a lady walking a poodle told me she had seen Ruby the night before. Apparently her husband had been pulling up to their house and had noticed me walking Ruby. Not wanting his wife to miss the cute puppy, he phoned her from his car and told her to look out of the window. I must remember to tell Gillian (the breeder). She will be so proud of how much admiration one of her dogs is attracting.

A fine looking dog. But then I AM biased