Sunday, 6 October 2013

Size IS everything

Ruby's stomach is getting much better. She has pooped in her crate for the last 2 nights and avoided using the puppy pad. After some good advice from Gillian (puppy's breeder) we have decided to dispense with the pad, use the divider in the crate to make it smaller and see how we go. I'm going to set my alarm for 3am and take Ruby out. Hopefully the absence of the pad and the fact that the space in the crate is just big enough for her bed will encourage her to 'hold it in'. Up to now, I haven't been confident that she is capable of holding it in given the diarrhoea. We'll see.

It really IS a dog's life
We've also spent all day reinforcing her going wee/poop outside by much praise and intermittent treats. She has done pretty well with it although she is so clever that I believe she was doing poops in 2 stages in order to try to get 2 treats for separate 'toilet events'. Crafty! It didn't work though, because she only gets the treat sometimes.

 After a whirlwind of activity this morning, Ruby settled down for a well-earned rest. She slept on my legs though, so by the time she woke up, my backside was pretty damn numb. I didn't have the heart to kick her off me though. She looked far too comfortable.

To break the monotony of just going in and out of the back garden, we took her out front a couple of times. We have a private parking area in front of our block of 4 town houses so there was no real danger of her coming in to contact with other dogs (or their poop). There is still over a week before she can officially get properly out and about but there shouldn't be a problem as long as we are careful. 
I'm not pooping until I
get a treat

Later today my sister in law Rhiannon came over with her two children Catherine and Patrick. We took Ruby out the front again for a bit of fresh air. She loves the patch of grass and was happily playing on it until she suddenly went in to herding mode. Even for such a small puppy it was impressive. She was down so flat to the ground and quickly moved then down again. Luckily she never goes outside without the lead otherwise Catherine and Patrick would have been well and truly herded (somewhere).

Patrick is nervous of dogs so his reaction did add to Ruby's herding instinct. He was really good though. He stopped and stood still when I asked him to; which must have taken some willpower for a 6 year old who is already skittish around dogs. I took Ruby's mind off herding by calling her and walking her down the drive, and all was well.

I'm sure that once she gets a bit bigger I will be calling up Gillian and asking her nicely if we can bring Ruby up for some herding lessons. She will absolutely love it. And Ruby should like it too....hehe.