Thursday, 3 October 2013

A quiet day

And a quiet day it has been. Ruby has been really good today. She has eaten, slept, gone to the toilet and played, all in a nice, well-behaved way. That is, until I arrived home and I made the 'cry wolf' mistake again. She had gone to the back door a few times only to come back into the house when I went to investigate. The one time I thought she was 'pulling my chain' she decided to curl down a massive poop on the conservatory floor. Of course, I realise it is wholly my own fault. And to be fair, the floor is vinyl (as I think I have said before), so cleaning up any 'accidents' is not a big deal.

On the other side of the coin, I was just getting ready to crate her at bedtime and she made as if to go to the back door. I followed her, put her on the lead and took her outside. A big poop followed almost immediately. She is doing a great job after only a couple of weeks. She does know that outside is the place to go. It is the fault of the human family members when we don't pay attention enough and she ends up dropping one inside the house. Never mind, she will have us trained before too long.

We are all really looking forward to when we can start taking Ruby out and about. The vet say we can start a week after her injection (which was yesterday) as long as we keep her away from other dogs and dog poop. So a little walk around the block should be fine. Then a week later, she will be ready to enter the big wide world.

We bumped into an old neighbour (ex-neighbour rather than one of advancing years) in the vet yesterday. Katie had 2 greyhounds and she was always exercising them in the fields behind our house. Sadly one of the dogs died a week ago but she still takes the other one out for walks every day. Katie has offered to show us a few walks around our local woods, starting with a short 20 minute one that should not be too much for Ruby. Should be good to start with.

Unhand me or I shall lick
your face
Ruby was playful tonight and we took it in turns to keep her occupied. She likes having her belly tickled and doesn't seem to have a particularly favourite toy. She fluctuates between favourites although she will always go for the Kong as long as it has banana inside it.

The antler chew is also one she spends a lot of time with as well as a milk flavoured nylabone. Oh, she also likes to tug on the cut off leg of a pair of jeans that has been knotted at one end. And of course there is the old faithful, flattened plastic drink bottle.

We are slowly but surely building up her collection so eventually she will have a box full. That is when the training on how to put them all away will start.