Friday, 18 October 2013

Ready to roll

The travel crate arrived yesterday and it fits in the back of the new estate car just fine. Anchoring it was a little more of an issue than it should have been. But that was more down to the company that I had ordered cam buckle cargo lashing straps from. Instead of 6 of these proper cargo lashes, I got 2 of the ones I had paid for plus 4 x rainbow coloured suitcase straps with flimsy plastic buckles and thin, weak webbing. Not a happy bunny.

On a happier note, Ruby is really getting into the walking thing. She is meeting lots of people and other dogs and having a great time. We are going to take her on a little trip in the car at the weekend. We want to get her used to the crate for travelling in. So we are going to take her to a local park and let her have some fun. 

I rang Calverley Dog Training Club last night and spoke with the guy who does the training. Unfortunately there are no spaces left in his Monday night puppy training classes but the good news is that he thinks that Ruby would be fine in the 'beginners' class that he runs on Wednesdays. Although they take dogs of all ages, he is convinced that Ruby will settle in, particularly given she is a Border Collie (his favourite breed ever).

I am still amazed by how quickly she is growing. She bears little resemblance to the little teddy bear type puppy we brought home 4 weeks ago. She looks like a smaller version of an adult Border Collie. Her legs are getting long, and her snout is also getting longer. She is amazingly intelligent and is settling into the family very well.

We still have our challenges in terms of toilet training but generally she is very good and there are only occasional accidents (usually our fault for not paying attention). She goes to her bed on command and appears happy and content (as you can tell by this picture)...

She's such a tart