Monday, 7 October 2013

Crate training - a new dawn

Last night we tried a new approach to crate training. I had installed the divider into the crate to make it much smaller. It is now just big enough for Ruby to stand and turn around. It fits her bed perfectly and has no room to move around any further than the size of the bed.

Before putting her to bed I made sure she went poop outside (around 10:30pm) and then settled her down in the crate. Sarah decided to get up at around 2am to check on her and although she was fast asleep, she woke when Sarah entered the room. Outside they went and Ruby obliged straight away. Then it was back into the crate until 6:30am. No accidents and outside for another toilet trip. Great stuff.

We are basically going by the book and it seemed to work. We had not tried it up to now as Ruby's stomach was 'icky' and it was obvious she would have difficulty in holding it in had she needed the toilet. The last thing I wanted was an upset dog after messing her bed.

Ruby was back in the crate at 8:00am as Rhianna was out. She got home somewhere around 10:30ish to find Ruby happy enough but looking like she wanted to go pee. It was obvious that she was avoiding soiling her bed so it was a good day overall.

My mother then came up to see Ruby and Rhianna so she could get a handle on what the routine is. With Rhianna starting work part time from Wednesday, my mother will be round to make sure Ruby is ok and that she gets fed, watered and toileted throughout the day. 

This trampoline is MUCH
more fun than going poop
It will be interesting to see how Ruby fares tonight. She did the business at around 7:30pm but although she has been outside plenty of times since, she has shown no interest in 'vacating her bowels'. I tried again just before bed but Ruby simply went to her new favourite spot and chewed on a twig for a while. Eventually, it became clear that she was not going to do anything toilet wise so in we came. 

She is now safely tucked up in her crate and awaiting what will no doubt be another early hours excursion to the garden.

We have only had Ruby for just over 3 weeks but she has already grown loads. Although we don't tend to notice day by day, she will suddenly surprise us by putting her front paws on something and showing us that she can now reach things that would have been impossible only a few days before.

Tonight she put her front paws on a nest of tables we have in the living room and was able to reach over and (nearly) take a drink of Sarah's hot tea. It just adds another dimension to watching her. You think something is out of reach but she has grown so quickly that she takes you unawares.