Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Milk carton

Ruby likes plastic milk cartons......she REALLY likes plastic milk cartons. There was an empty one next to our kitchen waste bin and when Ruby noticed it, the game was on.

MY carton
She played with it relentlessly. It didn't take her long to get the screw top off the bottle and then it was a matter of steadily biting and lying on the bottle to squash it as flat as she could. 

The best thing (as far as Ruby was concerned) was the fact that the bottle had a handle. She soon found that grabbing it by the handle meant she could race up and down carrying the bottle without fear of dropping it. She also likes to play fetch with the bottle and takes great delight in one of us 'pretending' to throw it one way, then suddenly changing direction and throwing it another way. It rarely caught her out though. Must be something to do with the BC focus.

Toileting wise, Ruby has been pretty good today. Apart from doing one poop in the conservatory without anyone noticing. However, not content with leaving the little present, she found my mother-in-law's slippers, picked one of them up, took it to the pile of poop and dropped it on top. That got everyone's attention!

Time for a power nap before more fun
All this fooling around made her a tired puppy and as it was quite warm, she decided to crash out on the conservatory floor. In less than 4 weeks, she has grown loads. Her legs are MUCH longer and she no longer resembles the little squat puppy we brought home. Soon we will only have the photographs to show how small she once was.