Sunday, 27 October 2013

Back to the park

We've been back to our local park twice this weekend. Don't get me wrong; Ruby likes the exercise. But I get the impression it's the social scene that she really goes for. Not a single person can go by without Ruby insisting on a stroke and a bit of a play. She is such a cutie that she gets away with it; even when the most serious, unfriendly looking person approaches, they generally melt once Ruby introduces herself.

I know you want me to come out from under here. But
I don't think I will.
I've also been doing some training with Ruby this weekend. We have reinforced sit and lie-down, both at home and in the park. I've also been working on 'stay'. She seemed to get the idea today but it definitely needs more work.

She is pretty good at 'wait'. I use 'wait' when we get to a road we need to cross. I always tell Ruby to wait and when I am sure it is clear, I will say 'cross over'. She seems to understand this quite well.

'Fetch' and 'Drop it' are also coming on very well. She pretty much always drops anything I get her to fetch if I give the command. It's a bit more of a struggle to get her to drop something she knows she shouldn't have. For instance, she nicked some tissue that Sarah had been using to blow her nose (she has a bad cold). I told Ruby to drop it, but she simply bolted under the sofa so she could rip up the tissue in peace. Puppies eh!

I can still fit under here and I'm
NOT coming out.

Not to worry. She is growing so quickly that it won't be long before she is too big to fit under the sofa.