Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Father Dougal (again)

For once I'm not going to dwell on the bowel shennanigans except to say that they are much better today.

Ruby has been very well behaved today with nothing of particular to report. We then took her to the Vet for her second injection. This time there were quite a few other animals around in the waiting area. A cat, a big white dalmatian and a pug. The lady with the pug seemed to be one of those dog owners who anthropomorphise their pet, treating it like an equal (or even superior) member of the family. It was a grumpy little thing that kept straining to come over to us and see Ruby, then snorting and making little barky growls. The lady kept telling it to stop and to come to her. Or rather she was 'asking' it in a sweet little 'please listen to me' voice. Ruby occasionally lifted her head, pricked up her ears and had a little sniff of the air. But that was it as far as her reaction went.

Suddenly one of the assistants went to the entrance and asked everyone to hold on to their pets, before a large bloke came through the door holding a big black pit-bull looking thing with enormous jaws. They bustled it straight through to the vet treatment room. 

Maybe it's just me but I can't understand why people are allowed to have animals like that. Or more specifically, I can't understand why "just anyone" is allowed to keep an animal like that. It was clearly volatile and capable of tearing up any of the other creatures (or humans for that matter) in the waiting area. I mean, it's not as if just anyone can legally own an alligator or a hyena or a leopard. And for good reason - BECAUSE THEY CAN HURT/KILL PEOPLE.

These huge headed, massive jawed slabs of muscle can wreak as much damage as some of the animals mentioned above. Yet they can be bought by any little chavvy scrote who wants to use one to intimidate and frighten others. 

Anyway - rant over. Ruby took her turn and was as calm as ever. She had her injection and also had the kennel cough vaccine as a solution down her nostril. We also got a worming tablet for her to take on Saturday. Finally, Father Dougal gave me the vaccination certificate so I can get Ruby booked in for puppy training classes.

Back home and Ruby got to chew on a Kong stuffed with banana. She likes banana.

Ruby likes banana